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Article Title Publication
Cyclists on the Ark - Raising Funds for Animals in the Flood Hit Balkans. Huffington Post
Romanian Stray Dogs - Court of Appeal Suspends Execution Methodology of "Killing Law". Huffington Post
Brutal Massacre at Four Paws Dog Shelter, Romania Huffington Post
Neglect of Stray Dogs - MEPs Deliver Damning Indictment of Romania's Mismanagement Huffington Post
Canine Cruelty In Craiova Huffington Post
Mittal's Romanian Steel Plant Claimed Lives Huffington Post
Canine Cruelty in Bosnia Huffington Post
Animal Welfare Intergroup - Europe's Sleeping Beauty? Huffington Post
The Drobeta-Turnu Severin Dog Executions Huffington Post
Botosani Brutality Huffington Post
Mihailesti Shelter Neglect Huffington Post
Four Paws Saves Mutilated Romanian Dog Huffington Post
Romanian Dogs Need Urgent Adoption Huffington Post
Romanian Stray Dogs : Cries From Ploieşti Huffington Post
Romanian Stray Dogs: It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over Huffington Post
The Romanian Dog Massacre Begins Huffington Post
The Plight of Romanian Stray Dogs Huffington Post
The Bold and the Beautiful Huffington Post
Richard Tomlinson - England's Bravest Whistleblower Huffington Post
The Role of Bioengineering in Haemophilia Treatments Huffington Post
What's Love Got to Do With It? Huffington Post
Whistleblowing: The GMC's Acute Confusional State Huffington Post
The Carer's Lifeline Huffington Post
The Voice of Carl Frenais Huffington Post
Rape in Kashmir - The Forgotten War Crime Huffington Post
Maternal Health Whistleblower Arrested Huffington Post
Medical Protests in Uttar Pradesh Huffington Post
Court Freezes Careers of 90,000 Indian Doctors Huffington Post
Thatcher - England's Working Girl Huffington Post
Bradley Manning - A Case of Whistleblower Reprisal Huffington Post
NHS Gagging Clauses Huffington Post
Patient Safety at Mid Staffordshire and North Staffordshire Huffington Post
Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir Huffington Post
Love Science Huffington Post
The Diamorphine Spectre Huffington Post
The Lancashire Witch Trials Huffington Post
The Page 3 Uplift - An Asset to the Sun. Huffington Post
Part-Time Doctors are not A 'Risk' to the NHS Huffington Post
Once in a Blue Moon Huffington Post
Whistleblowing and Patient Safety : The Patient's or the profession's interests at stake? Huffington Post
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Huffington Post
Starsailor's James Walsh - Real Music For Real People. Huffington Post
Elderly Helped to Die Huffington Post
A Clear Emergency - Every 30 Minutes an Indian Farmer Commits Suicide Huffington Post
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Huffington Post
Head Injury Rehabilitation - Our Story Huffington Post
Darling, Stand by Me Huffington Post
Speed's Legacy Huffington Post
Medical Whistleblowing - Is it Safe? Huffington Post
The Smoking Dictatorship Huffington Post
Vexatious Whistleblowing Huffington Post
Freemasonry and Medicine Huffington Post
Medical Mobbing Huffington Post
Rebels Without a Cause Huffington Post
The Legend of Chicken Tikka Masala. Huffington Post
Haunted Health Service Huffington Post
Hacking and the Discreet Inquiry Huffington Post
An Alternative Cure Huffington Post
Celebrity "IT" doctors? Huffington Post
Giving the Health Service an Essential Uplift Huffington Post
Article Title Publication
The Congress Karma Sutra India Behind the Lens
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility India Behind the Lens
Pranab Mukherjee - The Unsuitable Boy India Behind the Lens
Team Anna Strikes Back India Behind the Lens
Team Anna - Shutting India's Lights Off On the Way Out India Behind the Lens
Wake up Team Anna India Behind the Lens
The Power of People... Ramlila Maidan India Behind the Lens
Baba Ramdev. Crowd Power India Behind the Lens
Rape Crisis and Crocodile Tears India Behind the Lens
Dying Kindness in New Delhi India Behind the Lens
Alcohol: An unnecessary evil India Behind the Lens
Rahul Gandhi. The Plastic Prince India Behind the Lens
Shashi Tharoor's Magic Bangles India Behind the Lens
Shashi Tharoor's Good Turn U-Turn India Behind the Lens
The Art of Romance India Behind the Lens
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - The Kashmir Scenario India Behind the Lens
Naveen Jindal's Tiranga Bangle Wrangle India Behind the Lens
Naveen Jindal's Tiranga Bangle Tangle India Behind the Lens
Rahul Gandhi - The Congress Honey Trap India Behind the Lens
The 30 Billion Dollar Medical Seats Scam India Behind the Lens
90,000 Doctors Calling: WAKE UP Mr Health Minister India Behind the Lens
The Porn Supremacy India Behind the Lens
Doctors victimised in Uttar Pradesh India Behind the Lens
Arvind Kejriwal The AAP Drama Queen 2014 India Behind the Lens
The Great Jindal Swindle India Behind the Lens
Article Title Publication
The Case of the Missing Jindal Files Niti Central India
Onion Crisis will be the death of UPA Niti Central India
Article Title Publication
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor Frankly.net
Some Like it Hot Frankly.net
Sizing Up the Wii Fit Frankly.net
Passage to India - ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Frankly.net
21st Century Yoga Frankly.net
Article Title Publication
Remedy UK calls for accountability Doctor Portal
Website Under Fire Doctor Portal
Independent Inquiry Finds "Appalling" discrimination against LD Patients Doctor Portal
Leeds Student Commits Suicide Doctor Portal
New Southall Hearing Doctor Portal
Article Title Publication
Doctor on Call. The Addicted Mind Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. After Hippocrates Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. Coping with Anxiety Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. Dealing with Cancer Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. It's good to talk Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. Mind and Body Connections Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. Seize the day Hepatitis Magazine
Doctor on Call. The Fog Hepatitis Magazine
Article Title Publication
Death by Indifference (page 37) Claims Management
A bumpy road to recovery (page 33) Claims Management
Article Title Publication
Private Healthcare - Lack of Accountability Legal and Medical
Speaking Out. Protection for Whistleblowers in the NHS (page 27) Legal and Medical
Article Title Publication
The Help Directory British Medical Journal
Cybermedics. A Virtual Reality British Medical Journal
Personal Digital Assistants. Improving Patient Safety [Co-Author] British Medical Journal
Police Surgeon British Medical Journal
Article Title Publication
Refilling the Oasis Miscellaneous
Whistleblowing and Patient Safety. [Co-Author] Miscellaneous
Article Title Publication
Development and maintenance of Human Rights Violations in Jammu Kashmir page Facebook
Development and maintenance of The Kashmir Referendum For Freedom 2016 page Facebook
Development and maintenance of The Kashmir Mofussilite page Facebook

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